Sugar Cookie Dough Bowls FAIL

Thanks to Beverly in North Carolina for submitting this fail as part of EPF’s Dessert Week! We were wondering about this one ourselves … no need to wonder anymore.

The original pin: Bake cookie dough on the outside of the muffin pan for instant cookie cups! Perfect for ice cream:


Click the image above for more info on original pin.


And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

Cookie Dough Bowls on Muffin Tin FAIL on

No muffin tins were harmed in the making of this fail. Just slightly burned.

Cookie Dough Bowls on Muffin Tin FAIL on

Aw, sometimes there are no words of consolation. Perhaps you should follow Liz Lemon’s therapy suggestion?



EPF Tested: Chocolate Covered Bites of Fail

The original pin:

chocolate covered strawberries

Click the image above for more information on the original pin.

The caption of this pin said “Make these chocolate covered strawberries in an ice tray. They are portable and easy to take to any picnic.

Well, first of all, this doesn’t look like it was made in an ice tray. Last we checked, ice cubes weren’t strawberry shaped. As it turns out, it wasn’t made at home in an ice tray. These delicious looking goodies come from a specialty chocolatier. But, OK, Pinterest. We’ll humor you. Maybe this CAN be done …

… First, we came up with the ingenious idea to use a plastic egg crate instead of an ice tray (ice trays are too small to hold a whole strawberry). Not gonna lie, we definitely patted ourselves on the back for this idea. We cut it away from the egg carton and washed it (no salmonella here, plz), and voila! Chocolate-covered strawberry mold:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fail on

The next steps were painfully easy – even for failures like us. Melt the chocolate, dip the strawberries in chocolate and place in the “mold,” and then cover rest of the mold in melted chocolate. Easy peasy. Then we placed it in the fridge overnight to set.

The next day, we removed the mold from the strawberry-chocolate block ever so delicately. We have to admit, we were pretty surprised that it came out relatively unscathed:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fail on

But alas, you cannot take a brick of strawberries to a picnic with a group of people! They must be cut into individual sizes! Here’s where the ultimate failure sets in:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fail on

A knife to the block creates ultimate disaster – strawberries and strawberry juice ooze out of their candy shells to create an epic mess. Sure, it tastes great. But it looks like FAIL. Who wants to be responsible for bringing failure to the fun-filled picnic?? Surely, not us. And don’t call us Shirley.

Next time, we’ll just order it from the chocolatier. And we’ll eat it all ourselves. Screw your picnic!!!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fail on

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EPF Tested: Fail Scout Cookies

At EPF, we’re no stranger to Girl Scout cookies. It’s quite possible that we destroyed 5 boxes in less than 48 hours this past March. Quite possible … But we are neither confirming nor denying such rumors ;-) So you can imagine our excitement when we came across this pin, which meant that we didn’t have to go 11 months without another Thin Mint fix.

The original pin – Homemade Thin Mint Cookies:


Click the image above for original recipe.

This pin started out great - ingredients mixed up well, formed a solid log of dough, and froze overnight. Although, the dough froze more in an oval shape rather than circle shape, when cut, but hey, life’s not perfect:

Pre-baked thin mint cookies on

However, maybe we sliced the cookies too thin, because they turned out more of thin CRISPS than thin mints:

Burnt Thin Mint Cookies on

We’d give them to the dogs, but they contain chocolate … so in the trash they go. Good thing we had a second batch, so we cut these much thicker. However, the thicker ones turned out pretty chewy, so we realized there’s a fine line between thick chewy mints and anorexic burnt mints. Maybe only Juliette Gordon Low knows the secret for sure.

Anywho, we covered the thick chewy mints with chocolate, but we didn’t have enough. Poor planning. Another sign of a true failure. We spread it across the cookies as best we could. The result? A truly depressing sight:

Thin Mint Cookies on

GD. We went through TWO batches and still didn’t get it right. The taste was there, but the presentation and texture was a total fail. However, we decided to just crush up the remaining cookies and mix them up inside ice cream. Now THAT was a total win.

Homemade Thin Mint Cookies on

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Set the FailBack Machine to 1974

Ever wondering just what to do with that leftover mackerel? Take a look at these Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974 for some truly disgusting ideas, such as Fish Balls, Onion Sauce, Mousse of Salmon, and these lovely mackerel ideas:

Snappy Mackerel Casserole

We’re wary of any recipe bearing the words “convenience” and “fish.”


Ditto on any recipe with the words “mackerel” and “pudding.” Yeccchh!


Cauliflower Fritter Fail

We often see “skinny” recipes on Pinterest, and think “bull shit.” So we were so glad when EPF reader Jackie from Atlanta, GA sent us this one that she tried featuring a frequent skinny recipe ingredient – cauliflower. The original pin:

Cauliflower Fritters on

Click image for original recipe. Author says “Similar to the taste of a potato pancake. Your kids will love them!”

And here’s Jackie’s 4-word review: “It tasted like shit.”

Cauliflower Fritter Fail on

We didn’t try it, but we have to agree … there is no way cauliflower can be a substitute for delicious potatoes. When we think of eating a cauliflower fritter, we can’t help but be all:



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Nutella Fail Cake

Thanks to EPF reader Kate from Texas for submitting the following fail!

The original pin:

Nutella Pound Cake from Blue-Eyed Bakers

Nutella Pound Cake from Blue-Eyed Bakers – click image for recipe

I picked this recipe because it seemed easy enough to me – alternate layers of Nutella with layers of pound cake mix. How could this not taste awesome? Unfortunately, my turned out to be a Nutella fail cake:

Nutella Fail Cake on

The many layers of Nutella sunk to the bottom of the pan and burned. I was only able to retrieve the top pound cake layer from the pan:

Nutella Fail Cake on

My husband dipped his finger in the pan and said “tastes great!” That’s because it was straight up Nutella. Of course it tasted good. I could have just handed him a jar of the stuff and saved the time and the hassle of baking. How is this supposed to be made without the Nutella sinking? I declare shenanigans!

Nutella Fail Cake on

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