The Most Hilarious Kids Costumes We’ve Seen on Pinterest

It’s getting spooky over here at EPF, and it’s not just all of the scary pumpkin-flavored pins we’ve seen flooding our Pinterest wall. Nope, it’s getting close to Halloween! And we couldn’t be more excited.

We’re doing four gallery collections to celebrate. The first collection is of the funniest Halloween costumes we’ve seen for kids.

Are these pop-culture costume greatness, or should Social Services be called on the parents of these children? You be the judge.

Got one to add to our list? Let us know!

funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-1 Epic Pinterest Fail

Harry & Lloyd “Dumb & Dumber” Halloween Costume



Dwight from The Office Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-2 Epic Pinterest Fail

Chainsaw Chicken Baby Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-4 Epic Pinterest Fail

Garden Gnome Baby Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-5 Epic Pinterest Fail

Homeless Child Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-6 Epic Pinterest Fail

Wilson Volleyball from “Castaway” Baby Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-7 Epic Pinterest Fail

Nacho Libre Kids Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-8 Epic Pinterest Fail

Old Man from “Up” Children’s Costume


funny-kids-costumes-92 Epic Pinterest Fail

Baby Sumo Wrestler Costume


funny-kids-costumes-94 Epic Pinterest Fail

Kip from “Napoleon Dynamite” Children’s Halloween Costume



Mr. T Baby Halloween Costume


funny baby halloween costume Epic Pinterest Fail

Biker Baby Halloween Costume


Of course, if you’re anything like us, then you probably ran out of time to make something creative for your child. Don’t you worry, you terrible parent! It’s not too late to buy a Halloween costume online!

Spray Paint Mason Jars Fail

We saw this on Pinterest, and the nice people at Pursewna allowed us to re-post. Thank you!

The original pin: use a hot glue gun and matte spray paint to “upcycle” mason jars and vases:

mason-jars-puff-paint-spray Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Pure and Noble

And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

spray-paint-vase-mason-jar-fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Pursewna

Says Pursewna: “Unfortunately I was sloppy – all those little strings that happen when you use a glue gun?  They are VERY noticeable when you spray paint over the top of them.  Boo!  This craft project was a MAJOR FAIL!  Grade:  D-”

It’s totally OK! Remember, in crafting, it’s not the destination. It’s the journey:

soccer-player-futbol-so-close Epic Pinterest Fail

Have a craft fail on your blog? Tell us, and we’re happy to link back!

What Pinners Think of Honey Boo Boo


When we were putting together our top white trash pins the other day, we were amused by a wealth of discussion and comments on Pinterest regarding our favorite redneck show – Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. (We’re from Georgia, too. So we can use the terms “white trash” and “redneck” in a loving, respectful way.)

Whether you think Honey Boo Boo is entertaining or the death of American intelligence … we know you’ll find the following comments as amusing as we did.

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 1

You know what else is awwffuulllll? Spelling words like thhiiiiisssss.

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 2

Who knew a pageant toddler could make someone Hulk-smash their TV? We think that’s extreme, Sue. So does this person:

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 3

This person is a little more tasteful with her retort:

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 5

LOLz @ “Bitch, please!”

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 4

Yeah! People on TV should only have EDUCATED thumbs! BURN.

But let’s leave the discussion to jj0930mj … aka Unlikely Voice of Reason:

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 6

So there you have it. Stop drinking your Hater-ade and eating your Hater Tots. Honey Boo Boo is here to stay!

honey-boo-boo-dolla-makes-me-holla Pinterest Fail EpicPinterestFail

White Trash Pin Party!

If you’ve read our earlier posts, you know that we’re huge fans of The Real Housewives of New York. LBH, isn’t their trip to St. Barts like the BEST of all the RHONY trips?

Today’s post is inspired by Aviva’s not-so-subtle dig at Ramonya:

RHONY-Aviva-White-Trash epic pinterest fail

It’s a white trash pin party! How do you participate? Simple. Think of the best categories on Pinterest – weddings, cakes, nails, tattoos, DIY projects – and find the most “white trash” pin.

We’ve created a whole board of these, but here are some of our favorites:

beer-can-ashtray white trash pinterest EpicPinterestFailbottle-cap-coasters white trash pinterest EpicPinterestFail confederate-flag-nails EpicPinterestFail white trash pinterest

easy-button-tattoo white trash pinterest EpicPinterestFail

honey-boo-boo-child-madonna-painting white trash pinterest EpicPinterestFail

Make-cowboy-hat-out-of-beer-box white trash pinterest EpicPinterestFail

miller-high-life-cake white trash pinterest EpicPinterestFail

redneck-wind-chimes white trash pinterest EpicPinterestFail

shopping-cart-redneck-grill white trash pinterest EpicPinterestFail

white-trash-wedding white trash pinterest EpicPinterestFail

 What white trash pins have you seen? Tell us about it!




Happy College Game Day!


Click the image for recipe.

We are super stoked for the first full day of college football today. Are you? How will you be celebrating?

For tailgating and house parties, we’re turning to three of our Pinterest boards:

If you attempt any Pinterest projects, be sure to tell us about it (win or fail)!

Happy football watchin’!

mean girls karen football boobs gif

Found Fail: Red, White and Blue Drink

Red White Blue Kiddie Cocktail Patriotic Mocktail

Sometimes something so simple can go so wrong. This Epic Pinterest Fail that we spotted on the interwebs is a perfect example.

The pinner most likely was trying to re-create this concoction of a patriotic “mocktail” for the kiddos, which involves layering the following ingredients in a glass:

  • 3 ounces fruit punch
  • 3 ounces blue Gatorade (not sugar-free)
  • 3 ounces diet 7-Up or Sprite (must be sugar-free; so diet only)
  • ice

Unfortunately, this pinner should have just stuck to the fruit punch, since that’s what it ended up looking like anyways:

pinterest drink fail red white blue Epic Pinterest Fail

We bet the pinner was somewhat ambivalent about this attempt – something a la Michael Scott:

michael-scott-the-office-its-terrible Epic Pinterest Fail

Have a terrible pin to share? Send it our way!