Warped Christmas Wreath Fail

EPF reader Brittany sent us the following fail. Thanks, Brittany!

The original pin – make a Christmas wreath for your door with ornaments:

christmas-ornament-wreath-original pinterest fail


And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

christmas-ornament-wreath-fail epic pinterest fail


Says Brittany: “I found this project on pinterest last Christmas, picked up some ornaments at the after Christmas sales and have been waiting all year to make it. It turned out to be super easy and I was really impressed with myself, even bragging about how the project took under a half hour. I had to knock it off with the bragging after the finished product lasted less time then it took to make it. Note to self: When doing crafts of this nature use plastic as opposed to glass.”

We feel your pain, Brittany! Much like heat, poor planning, and other elements can lead to an Epic Pinterest Fail, you’ve found another one — gravity. This pug puppy found out the same thing:

dog puppy ball pug fail


Got a Christmas crafting fail to share? Let us know!

Caterpillar Hand Paint Craft Fail

The original pin – paint your child’s hands and have them press on a piece of paper to form his or her own Very Hungry Caterpillar:

very-hungry-caterpillar-hand-paint Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Austin Mom’s Blog

… And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

pinterest-fail-caterpillar Epic Pinterest Fail

Not only does it not look anything like a caterpillar – it is also a TOTAL MESS:

pug yolo Epic Pinterest Fail

Do you have a kid’s craft/DIY fail? Let us know!

Spray Paint Mason Jars Fail

We saw this on Pinterest, and the nice people at Pursewna allowed us to re-post. Thank you!

The original pin: use a hot glue gun and matte spray paint to “upcycle” mason jars and vases:

mason-jars-puff-paint-spray Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Pure and Noble

And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

spray-paint-vase-mason-jar-fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Pursewna

Says Pursewna: “Unfortunately I was sloppy – all those little strings that happen when you use a glue gun?  They are VERY noticeable when you spray paint over the top of them.  Boo!  This craft project was a MAJOR FAIL!  Grade:  D-”

It’s totally OK! Remember, in crafting, it’s not the destination. It’s the journey:

soccer-player-futbol-so-close Epic Pinterest Fail

Have a craft fail on your blog? Tell us, and we’re happy to link back!

Found Fail: Ruffled Lamp Shade

The original pin:


Click the image above for more details.

The Epic Pinterest Fail:

craft fail light

From IAmMommaHearMeRoar.net

The blogger said “Let’s just say the finished lampshade was NOT what I was going for. AND, when I put it on the lamp, the ruffles are so thick that the light can’t get through. So funny!!”

Do you have a failed DIY or home improvement project? Send it to us! We’ll give you props and promotion … and promise that we’ll laugh WITH you and not AT you.