Warped Christmas Wreath Fail

EPF reader Brittany sent us the following fail. Thanks, Brittany!

The original pin – make a Christmas wreath for your door with ornaments:

christmas-ornament-wreath-original pinterest fail


And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

christmas-ornament-wreath-fail epic pinterest fail


Says Brittany: “I found this project on pinterest last Christmas, picked up some ornaments at the after Christmas sales and have been waiting all year to make it. It turned out to be super easy and I was really impressed with myself, even bragging about how the project took under a half hour. I had to knock it off with the bragging after the finished product lasted less time then it took to make it. Note to self: When doing crafts of this nature use plastic as opposed to glass.”

We feel your pain, Brittany! Much like heat, poor planning, and other elements can lead to an Epic Pinterest Fail, you’ve found another one — gravity. This pug puppy found out the same thing:

dog puppy ball pug fail


Got a Christmas crafting fail to share? Let us know!