Pop Rock Gelatin Shot Fail

The following fail was sent to us from Tessa in Texas. Thanks, Tessa!

The original pin — Butterbeer Jelly Shots:


Source: Tablespoon.com

… And the Epic Pinterest Fail:


Says Tessa: “I tried to make champagne Jell-O shots for New Year’s Eve. I couldn’t find Pop Rocks anywhere, so I tried using Nerds instead. I followed the directions, but it turned out very bad … like Jell-O soup with Nerds.”


I think J-Law pretty much sums it up:


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Sugar Cookie Tart Fail

Thanks to EPF reader Kate for the following submission!

The original pin – sugar cookie berry tart:

sugar-cookie-berry-tart-original Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Confetti Sunshine


… And the Epic Pinterest Fail:


Says Kate: “Sugar cookie fruit tart fail… There are no words. LOL.”

We agree – there are no words! Sometimes the only resolution is vodka:

will-and-grace-chug GIF


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Hidden Heart Inside Cupcakes Fail

This fail was submitted to us by EPF reader Jamie. Thanks, Jamie!

The original pin — a how-to lesson on baking a heart shape inside your cupcakes:


Source: MadeWithLoveBy.me


And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

hear-baked-inside-cupcake-fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Says Jamie: “I tried. I really did. And I know how to bake … but this was a fail of epic proportions. Not only did I waste HOURS, but I wasted a crap ton of cake cutting out the little hearts. Sad panda! They just came out as pink blobs in the middle. I wanted to scream … but instead I just ate a bunch of my failed cupcake creations.”

Aw, we were hoping this one would work out. Sometimes the only thing to do in these situations is to pour yourself a stiff drink and shake it off:


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Happy College Game Day!


Click the image for recipe.

We are super stoked for the first full day of college football today. Are you? How will you be celebrating?

For tailgating and house parties, we’re turning to three of our Pinterest boards:

If you attempt any Pinterest projects, be sure to tell us about it (win or fail)!

Happy football watchin’!

mean girls karen football boobs gif

EPF Tested: Caramel Brownie Fail Pies

The original pin – “It’s a well-documented fact that everyone loves a rich, chocolate-y brownie, but bake them in cookie-form and sandwich together with a caramel buttercream and you just might never recover.”


Click image for recipe.

We agree with the blogger – who doesn’t love a brownie? And who wouldn’t LOVE this? We wanted to get our hands on this cookie so much that we decided to try it ourselves. Unfortunately, we momentarily forgot that we are epic Pinterest failures (natch), and we should have just saved ourselves the time and effort.

First fail? Not having the proper tools. The recipe calls for a KitchenAid mixer (retail $330+). We tried it with our hand mixer (retail ~$25). And our arms got pretty dang tired after holding that thing for the 15 consecutive minutes of mixing that this recipe requires.

Once the batter was done and dropped onto the cookie sheet, we though it looked a little runny. But what else can you do at this point? Shove ’em in the oven!

End result?

brownie-cookie-spread on EpicPinterestFail.com

Our cookies shape-shifted into an amorphous blob. How are we supposed to make sandwiches out of these? Time for ingenuity:

Caramel Brownie Sandwich Cookie Fail on EpicPinterestFail.com

Because of the way the cookies came out of the oven, and because we didn’t cook them long enough, only a handful of our post-cut cookies were usable. A total of 10 cookies could somewhat be salvaged, which means only 5 sandwiches total:

Caramel Brownie Sandwich Cookie Fail on EpicPinterestFail.com

But we did not know this before-hand, so we’d already made the ENTIRE batch of caramel frosting to go inside the cookie sandwiches. (And BTW, the caramel frosting tasted exactly like its two ingredients: sugar and butter. Or how we imagine Paula Deen would taste if we bit into her.)

Dear starving children in Africa, please shield your eyes. The following was all completely unusable and had to be thrown away in the name of failure:

Caramel Brownie Sandwich Cookie Fail on EpicPinterestFail.com

Minutes of prep time: 30

Minutes of cook time: 9

Hours spent bitching and moaning about this effort: At least 24

Seconds it took us to break out the alcohol and console ourselves: 1

Caramel Brownie Sandwich Cookie Fail on EpicPinterestFail.com

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