Pumpkin Roll Flop

The following fail was submitted to us by EPF reader Natalie. Thanks, Natalie!

The original pin – lightened pumpkin roll:

pumpkin roll Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: SkinnyTaste.com


And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

pumpkin roll fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Says Natalie: “I was WAY too excited to show off my baking skills to my coworkers at a Halloween potluck. So I picked this gem from Pinterest and went for it. Did I have parchment paper, like the recipe asked? Nope. Weirdly-shaped baking sheet? Nah. So I made this goobery mess.”

pumpkin roll Epic Pinterest Fail

Attempting a recipe without the proper tools? We’ve been there. And we always end up asking ourselves “why??”

how-i-met-your-mother-barney-why gif


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