Candy Corn Cupcakes Fail

The following post was submitted to us by Tracy at Be sure to check out their site for other Pinterest fails (and wins!).

The original pin – make chocolate cupcakes and let them cool. Then cut the top out in a funnel shape and layer in the colored frosting:

candy corn cupcakes original pinterest



And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

candy-corn-cupcakes-fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Says Tracy: “Everything was going fine until I went to cut the cupcakes. When the first one didn’t turn out, I decided the knife I was using wasn’t sharp enough. So, I got out one of my ‘expensive’ knives thinking that was the problem. Five cupcakes later, I ended up with the same results on every one. All the colors ran together as I cut down through the cupcake. Although they tasted great not one ended up looking like the original pin!”

Nothing like a good food fail to ruin your day:


… But there’s always another pin waiting, and if and when that one fails, be sure to take a photo and send it to us!

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  1. Daphs said:

    Maybe you’re supposed to cut the cupcake sideways…?

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