Camouflage Cupcakes Fail

Thanks to EPF reader Chasiti for submitting the following fail!

The original pin – Camouflage Cupcakes Tutorial:


Source: Crafty Mama


… And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

camouflage-cupcakes-reader-fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Chasiti says: “It all began very well and the cupcakes themselves turned out exceptionally well, especially for a first time. Then we made the icing, and it was all downhill from that moment. Not only did the type of icing the original pin use turn out like mush, they wouldn’t come out of the pipette bag well either. I work in a bakery, and my mom is highly skilled at decorating cakes, so making icing and using the icing to decorate shouldn’t have been so challenging.”


And extra kudos to Chasiti for providing her own GIF!


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  1. yioftfyun said:

    They aren’t total failed.

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