“Blood” Chocolate Fondue Fountain Fail

The following post was submitted by EPF reader Kristin. Thanks, Kristin!

The original pin — add red food coloring to white chocolate and put in a chocolate fountain for “blood fondue” at Halloween:

halloween-blood-fondue-fountain-bar-original epic pinterest fail

Source: Sugar & Spice by Celeste

halloween-blood-fondue-fountain-bar-original2 epic pinterest fail

Source: Sugar & Spice by Celeste


And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

halloween-blood-fondue-fountain-bar-fail epic pinterest fail


Says Kristin: “I really wanted a fun halloween party this year … I thought the kids would get a kick out of edible chocolate blood! Bought ingredients, mixed, prepared, and it immediately began to fail. The chocolate wouldn’t come though the fountain, so I manually tried to twist it to help it get started, and there was pink chocolate everywhere! I couldn’t get it that deep red color either. The kids wouldn’t eat it … The adults wouldn’t eat it! I thought it’d be a little cheaper than dipping chocolate, but it actually cost more and was a complete waste. Fail!”

Oh no! It seemed like a good idea in theory, but this recipe failed harder than Ryan Seacrest high-fiving a blind man:


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  1. Missy said:

    Depending on the chocolate used, she may have used the wrong type of food coloring. If you use Wilton Candy melts (which you can buy in red), you have to use the oil based food colorings. Regular food coloring is water based and will make the candy melts clump like her picture. It will also get that way if it’s over heated. You can add shortening to thin it back out.

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