Apple Pie Baked in the Apple Fail

The following post was submitted to us by EPF reader Caitlin. Thanks, Caitlin!

The original pin — bake mini apple pies inside of actual apples:

Apple-Pie-original apple pie baked inside apple


… And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

apple-pie-baked-in-apple-fail epic pinterest fail

Says Caitlin: “I made cherry apple pies baked inside the apples. I check on these at 30 minutes, and they looked awesome. Fifteen minutes later, I had this mess. I have been told next time to try in muffin tins. Even though they don’t look too good, they still tasted really yummy!”


We’re glad they still tasted great, even though they were a mess. Marty Huggins might have some words for you:

the-campaign-its-a-mess gif

Have a food fail to share? Let us know!

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