Our Favorite Adult Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!

If you are a true Epic Pinterest Failure, then you probably are a lot like us and often wait until the last possible minute. So, for those of you out there in need of last-minute ideas for a Halloween costume, we’d like to share the following photo collection.

Here are some of our favorite and funniest Halloween costumes for adults that we’ve spotted on Pinterest in the last month or so. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do:

LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-93 funny halloween costume

Pedestrian during Hurricane Sandy


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-1 funny Halloween costume

Mr. Garrison from South Park


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-3 funny Halloween costume

Knitted Viking Beard


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-4 funny Halloween costumes

Painter Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree. Source: HappinessIsBlog.com


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-5 funny Halloween costume

Half and Half Hall & Oates Costume


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-6 funny Halloween costume

Jack Daniels & a Pack of Marlboro Reds



LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-7 funny Halloween costume

DIY Pinterest Board. Source: PartiesForPennies


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-8 funny Halloween costume

Price Is Right Contestant


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-9 funny Halloween costume

Publisher’s Clearing House Winners. Source: AskAnnaMoseley.com


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-91 funny Halloween costumes

Red Solo Cups

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  1. steph said:

    The solo cup guys are the funniest clowns ever from MIT. I was shocked to see them on here!

  2. I’m glad you liked our Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree costumes! Although if you’re going to post it, please link back to me here:


    Or else I’ll have to request that you remove it. Thanks for understanding!

    • Epic Pinterest Fail said:

      Shannon – no problem! Thanks for letting us know. I’ve added a source note to the caption, and clicking the photo takes it to your post.

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