Another Chocolate Covered Strawberry Fail

OK, we get it. This pin looks too delicious and too cool not to attempt:

chocolate covered strawberries

“Make these chocolate covered strawberries in an ice tray. They are portable and easy to take to any picnic.”

Even though we already debunked this one, readers are still sharing their failed attempts with us.

The following photo comes from EP reader Sara P.:

chocolate-covered-strawberries-fail-reader Epic Pinterest Fail

She says: “Chocolate covered strawberries in ice cube trays do not work. The chocolate cracks off when you take them out!

But please, if you try this one, keep sharing your photos with us! We can all collectively smack our heads together:

naked-gun-head-smack Epic Pinterest Fail

Why waste time making this tasteful disaster when you can just buy your own? 12 Celebration Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Users feedback ( 4 )

  1. unless you use a silicon ice cube tray…

  2. Cait said:

    Silicon ice cube tray is a good idea. Also, just because it’s an ice cube tray doesn’t mean it has to go in the FREEZER. Try putting them in the FRIDGE. That way they won’t be so brittle.

  3. Chelsea said:

    I made about 170 chocolate covered strawberries and cherries for christmas this year. I used a silicon tray, but even on the test run, I used a regular tray and they turned out fine.

  4. Sara said:

    That isn’t from an ice cube tray, it is from an egg carton, hence, the rounded shape. Styrofoam egg cartons work well. Sprinkles on the bottom first (optional), pour chocolate, dip strawberry and leave it to cool and set.

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