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  1. Lisa said:

    I do this anytime making pasta and it does work, as long as you don’t have stove on high.

    • Epic Pinterest Fail said:

      That’s a good point – maybe the stove was too hot. Thanks for the comment!

  2. it says it’s for “boiling water” but the second picture looks like there was more than just water in that pot.

  3. krystal said:

    i do this all the time when making potatoes and pasta, i bring water to a boil but dont leave it on high reduce to a simmer. only works with water not soup or broth just water.

  4. Sam B said:

    I do this all the time when making noodles, but I just keep the spoon in the pot while it boils. Never had any problems

  5. Lynda said:

    I use this method all the time & find that it does work.

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