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  1. Clemmie Bell said:

    It’s obvious that the PROFESSIONAL model used gel which explains the way her hair appearing like a mohawk and not clumping .

    • I’m a PROFESSIOANL photographer who works with regular girls who are not models and do not “use gel” – as though that would help/do anything for the image. It’s about physics, speed and a photographer who knows what she/he is doing. Don’t trust the images of important times in your life to someone who “thinks they know how it’s done.
      “Because it takes more than a good camera.”

  2. christine said:

    who cares what she used , it is amazing and beautiful. what a shot

  3. Pepper said:

    Well some people care, obviously lol. No one is disputing the beauty of the pic.. lol just that it’s not all it seems and explaining why to people. Touchy touchy lol

  4. Truculent said:

    Am I the only one who sees the boat??

  5. Karelle said:

    Love this one! So funny! Some people need to lighten up and understand these comparisons are for humour! Sheesh!

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