Three Pins We Don’t Have Enough Time to Bother Attempting

C’mon, man. Why would ANYONE waste the time to pin these things, much less actually follow through? These pins remind us of one of our favorite Weezer songs – Why Bother?

Here’s a summary of our top three frustrations.

1. “Bedazzled” things.

Have a perfectly fine piece of electronic equipment or nice pair of high heels, and want it to look like a kindergarten art project? Then these pins are for you:

Bedazzled iPhone charger

DIY glitter high heels

2. Homemade versions of things you can buy at the store.

True, we are kind of guilty of this one ourselves because of our attempt at making homemade Thin Mints, but to our point, Girl Scout cookies are only available for a limited time each year. These things are available ALL of the time, already taste great, are CHEAP, and it would take you less time to drive to the store and purchase them than to physically make! We don’t get it:

Homemade Cheez-it crackers

Homemade Pop-tarts

3. Baby reveals & announcements

We’ve never been there, so we don’t know for sure, but aren’t you supposed to be like really tired and nauseous when you’re pregnant? Ugh. Who has time to get gussied up and photo-shoot ready, or do some elaborate baking, OR throw a party? At the risk of sounding like an old clodhopper: “Back in my day, we used to call people on this thing called a telephone and tell them we were having a baby.”

Baby announcement photoshoot


Baby gender reveal cake

Baby reveal party invitation

And on a related note, preggatinis? Who wants to go to all the trouble of making a cocktail when there’s no reward of alcohol?

Preggatinis mixology book

What perplexing pins have you seen on Pinterest? Email us and let us know!


Users feedback ( 3 )

  1. Abby Baumgart said:

    Agree mostly but I’ve known people to do a baby reveal cake. Though it was for the parents themselves. They had their doctor write the genders of their twins and then took it to a bakery that makes special occasion cakes and then the parents cut into either side to see their genders. I thought it was cute and a good excuse to eat cake.

  2. Sandy said:

    Homemade poptarts are definitely worth the trouble. They are delicious. Store bought poptarts are grody. lol

  3. Heidi said:

    I can see the preggatinis being useful for a hostess or host.. Throwing a party. For a bunch of pregnant guests. Like, a lot them. RIGHT?!!

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