EPF Tested: Chocolate Covered Bites of Fail

The original pin:

chocolate covered strawberries

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The caption of this pin said “Make these chocolate covered strawberries in an ice tray. They are portable and easy to take to any picnic.

Well, first of all, this doesn’t look like it was made in an ice tray. Last we checked, ice cubes weren’t strawberry shaped. As it turns out, it wasn’t made at home in an ice tray. These delicious looking goodies come from a specialty chocolatier. But, OK, Pinterest. We’ll humor you. Maybe this CAN be done …

… First, we came up with the ingenious idea to use a plastic egg crate instead of an ice tray (ice trays are too small to hold a whole strawberry). Not gonna lie, we definitely patted ourselves on the back for this idea. We cut it away from the egg carton and washed it (no salmonella here, plz), and voila! Chocolate-covered strawberry mold:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fail on EpicPinterestFail.com

The next steps were painfully easy – even for failures like us. Melt the chocolate, dip the strawberries in chocolate and place in the “mold,” and then cover rest of the mold in melted chocolate. Easy peasy. Then we placed it in the fridge overnight to set.

The next day, we removed the mold from the strawberry-chocolate block ever so delicately. We have to admit, we were pretty surprised that it came out relatively unscathed:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fail on EpicPinterestFail.com

But alas, you cannot take a brick of strawberries to a picnic with a group of people! They must be cut into individual sizes! Here’s where the ultimate failure sets in:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fail on EpicPinterestFail.com

A knife to the block creates ultimate disaster – strawberries and strawberry juice ooze out of their candy shells to create an epic mess. Sure, it tastes great. But it looks like FAIL. Who wants to be responsible for bringing failure to the fun-filled picnic?? Surely, not us. And don’t call us Shirley.

Next time, we’ll just order it from the chocolatier. And we’ll eat it all ourselves. Screw your picnic!!!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fail on EpicPinterestFail.com

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  1. Ashley said:

    Would it help if you heated the knife you were using up a bit so the chocolate kind of melts as your going through? Like when you are cutting an ice cream cake?

  2. David said:

    The person who wrote this article has obviously never worked with chocolate before. I followed the instructions on the page (while also changing the ice-tray to a egg carton).

    If you put string around the edges where you want to be able to separate them, before topping up the chocolate, you can then remove the string when it’s half become solid (after a bit of time in the fridge).

    It creates easy break-lines, so you can separate the individual bite pieces without any mess. If you need to cut them anymore, use a hot SHARP knife. They’ll turn out perfect.

    Simple and easy and 100% NOT fail. The only fail here is your abilities.

  3. Kim said:

    I agree…Huge fail!! I tried and got a bunch of bits and pieces of chocolate and ugly strawberries. Still yummy but ugly. David, no need to be insulting. The post on pinterest and facebook lead people to think it was super easy and they will turn out great. So not the case. It was misleading. Yes, people can use your tips but really, who wants to go through all of that when its so much easier to just dip them and have them look much prettier than the ice tray or egg crate ones?? Not me! I have better things to do than mess with a bunch of string, egg crates, etc. Im going to stick with the good ole never fail, much prettier dipping method.

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