Wine Glass + Chalkboard Paint Fail

The following pin was submitted to us by Beverly in North Carolina. Thanks!

The original pin – chalkboard paint on the base of a wine glass so that guests can personalize their glasses:


Click the image for more information about the original pin.

I thought this seemed like a pretty simple craft – just dip the wine glasses in the chalkboard paint and let them dry. Easy, right? Well, it was, but the hard part was drying the glasses. You can’t set them upright, but you can’t rest them upside down, because the paint runs down the stem and onto the glass.

Luckily, I remembered a souvenir I had from a wine festival – a necklace that holds a wine glass around your neck. I attached this to a shelf to hold the glasses as they dried:

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Fail on

However, the paint still didn’t have that seamless, smooth effect as the original pin. The end result was a tad bit bumpier:

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Fail on

Oh, well. You can still drink out of the glasses, so that’s probably all that really matters!

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Fail on


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  1. Nadine Haven said:

    hey your blog design is very nice, clean and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always like browsing your site.

  2. Jackie said:

    And I really wanted to try this project. Oh damn!

    Back to football nails. :)

  3. Dena said:

    had the same issues. I ended up doing the rest of my 7 dozen glasses by brushes. The dip method ended up looking tacky.

  4. Heidi said:

    This would work really well if you etch the glass first (get some etching solution at a craft store). Another alternative is to use diamond grit sand paper and do it by hand – though I think dipping in etchant is an easier choice and will probably yield better results. Then you should have a rough enough surface for the paint to cling to.

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