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  1. cyndy222 said:

    I know people who make these all the time for their kid’s parties. This is nothing new…it may have failed for you, but is doable.

  2. …this is the classic stuff of classroom birthday parties, back when kids were actually allowed to bring snacks in for their birthday before the days of epic food allergies. but still quite common. it’s hard to get them perfect, but results like this seem like they would have taken more work to fail so hard than it would take to get a normal/mediocre result.

    • Amanda said:

      exactly what I was thinking…how much work did they have to put in to mess those up? We used to make them all the time as kids, and I’ve made them for my students. unless they’re filling the cones all the way to the brim, there’s no reason they should overflow like that.

  3. I make these all.the.time. Not sure how you failed so badly at it.

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