Watermelon Shark Fail

This one comes to us from EPF reader Jocelyn. The original pin comes from the Watermelon Board (as a side note, I think it would be cool to work for the official board of watermelon… Hit me up, guys).


Watermelon Board | Shark

She says: “Looks easy, but it is not easy to cut the peel! The teeth fell out in the process.”


Aside from the missing teeth, we think it’s pretty good! Let’s not forget that the worst shark fail this year belongs to the one dancing next to Katy Perry in the Super Bowl halftime. Now THAT was epic fail.


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Pop Rock Gelatin Shot Fail

The following fail was sent to us from Tessa in Texas. Thanks, Tessa!

The original pin — Butterbeer Jelly Shots:


Source: Tablespoon.com

… And the Epic Pinterest Fail:


Says Tessa: “I tried to make champagne Jell-O shots for New Year’s Eve. I couldn’t find Pop Rocks anywhere, so I tried using Nerds instead. I followed the directions, but it turned out very bad … like Jell-O soup with Nerds.”


I think J-Law pretty much sums it up:


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Vegan Corndog Pinterest Fail

The following fail comes to us from EPF reader Lucia. Thanks, Lucia! 

She says: “My mom’s first ‘nailed it’ meme (she made it herself). Gluten Free Vegan corndogs sounded too good to be true … and they are!”

And the Epic Pinterest Fail:


Hey, don’t be too upset. It seems to us that you made the best out of a bad situation. Like this person:


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Bluth Banana Fail

The following pin was submitted by EPF reader Caitlin. Thanks, Caitlin!

The original pin: Frozen bananas! What do they cost, like $10?


… And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

Frozen Banana Epic Pinterest Fail

Says Caitlin: “Well, it was National Food on a Stick Day, and us folks at work were having a food-on-a-stick pot luck. Well, poor Robert wanted to bring chocolate covered bananas, a la Arrested Development. Unfortunately, after 3 different attempts, this is what happened. So he brought cut up doughnuts stabbed with toothpicks instead.”

Oh no! This attempt fails harder than George Michael at athletics:


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Peep Cake Pinterest Fail

Thanks to EPF reader Chiara for sending in this Pinterest fail!

Images of peeps have been flooding our Pinterest wall and, coincidentally, filling our nightmares. From Peeps cocktails, topiaries  wreaths, and various desserts, we knew it was only a matter of time before a marshmallow mess or two came our way.

The original pin: mix chopped up Peeps pieces inside a white cake mix, and voila! Peeps Cake!

However, this one more closely resembled a Peeps lasagna:


Oh no! The end result of this makes us want to hide, much like the person in the background of this GIF:


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